"Follow your bliss

and the universe will open doors

where there were only walls."

~ Joseph Campbell, Author

Introducing empowering art that speaks to the soul, awakens creativity, and encourages mindfulness for greater wellbeing.



*FREE* A5 Fine Art Prints

from my mystical

'Non-ordinary Beings Collection'

*Only £3.50 packing & postage payable to receive FREE fine art to your door (within 14 days).

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The non-ordinary beings are a 'promise' of otherworldly souls from non-ordinary reality.

Each being has been intuitively created to bring unique vibes to ordinary reality in support of humanity's wellbeing and evolution.

Different beings seem to call to people at different times, depending on what's required to face life's challenges.

They are here to help us on our personal healing journeys, 'vision quests' and general day-to-day adventures.

Which beings call to you?

Why this giveaway?

Creating art has been my true vocation for over twenty years. I strive to bring even more beauty into the world. I'm convinced that living my calling keeps me healthy and happy.

Therefore, I make art to support the healing journeys and soulful callings of others, too.

I'm keen to expand my creative network and connect with even more art lovers out there.

I create to understand and process things more deeply, and to contribute to the wellbeing of those who resonate with my artwork.

Hence, the motivation for this GIVEAWAY: to enable all of the above, as well as make art accessible to lots of people.

And that's not all!

Here are some EXTRA BONUS GIFTS that come with this special offer. In summary, when you place an order, you will receive:


A full colour A5-sized (14.8cm x 21cm) art print on high quality 350gsm paper, with a silk finish (unframed). *NB This paper is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.




A tree planted in Madagascar on your behalf by TREE NATION. *NB That's one tree planted every single time somebody places an order via this promotion.


Finally, should you feel that you're not 100% satisfied with the art print when it arrives, then I'll refund you in FULL and you can still keep the print (or gift it to somebody else).


Lauren Sebastian has been a practising Artist for most of her adult life. She also spent several years working in the field of creativity and creative learning. She currently weaves her artistic 'magic' in the wild gloriousness of West Cornwall (UK), with her two true loves: Guitar Maker, Graham Emes, and their young daughter Stormy.

Often inspired by inner, energetic landscapes, Lauren's intuitive and expressive artwork has evolved to include the depiction of otherworldly realms and the beings of non-ordinary reality. Wolf also features frequently in her drawings and has long been a kind of guardian companion to her creativity.

Mainly working in acrylic, ink, watercolour and PMC sterling silver, Lauren is passionate about making intuitive paintings, mystical drawings and handsculpted jewellery. It is her hope and intention that The Art of Lauren will connect with collectors in ways that enhance their wellbeing and self-esteem, while also encouraging creative expression.

Instagram & Facebook: @theartoflauren

Any questions? Email: theartoflauren@gmail.com


⟁ Jack (UK) ⟁

"I proudly display all of my prints and paintings by Lauren in my home. They allow me to express some style and personality. They bring energy. Colour. Imagination. There is a depth to Lauren’s work that I love and the paintings that I own have become a part of my life. They will stay with me forever, as will the memories of the time I decided to buy them."

⟁ Julia (UK) ⟁

"I knew Lauren, trusted her and felt a core of 'Truth' in her work. Hotaru (#nonordinarybeing) inspired, guided and soothed me on my journey through marriage break up and more significantly cancer. I feel as if I've learned more about tenderness and love. I recovered and the painting was part of that healing journey."

⟁ Mitra (USA) ⟁

"As a woman and one who loves to see the magical essence of life, I love the journey Lauren's art takes me on. It allows me to further see the magical essence, the stories, and travel to new possibilities. To me, Lauren's art is the journey to a 'Magical Kingdom'. And I just love it!"

⟁ Rebecca (UK) ⟁

"The first time I saw Lauren's artwork, I was drawn to the wonderful, vibrant colours. I also loved the stories that went with the paintings, a totally imaginary and exciting other world. Allowing beauty into one's life, giving oneself permission just to sit and look at it and contemplate, has been very good for my sense of well being."

⟁ Keidi (USA) ⟁

"I knew Lauren's art was right for me because it speaks to the soul and goes way beyond the physical beauty. It helps to keep me inspired, keeps my creativity flowing, and helps me to remember that I am a spreader of 'Light'. My business has taken off tenfold since having Ishbel (#nonordinarybeing) on my office wall!"

⟁ Joolz (UK) ⟁

"All of Lauren's art has a magical quality. Her paintings seem to glow. Looking at Helene (#nonordinarybeing) every day makes me feel happy. I chose to purchase the painting when my Father passed. It reminds me of him and is something special I can pass on to my children. Helene has also inspired me to start painting again and affirmed the importance of expressing myself and my creatvity."

© Lauren Sebastian, 2023.